A Non Profit Equestrian Foundation For Change ™

Dedicated to Equine Health, Security, Research & Beauty within our Industry. †

Healthier Horses. Healthier Environment.

E-FC has three distinct areas of focus. The Equine For Change Foundation works within the public sector lobbying governmental and legislative change to the insights that address key challenges to waste management. Manure leaching, phosphorous hotspots creating algae blooms and methane off-gassing. These environmental hazards are affecting our watersheds and lands.


This needs to be corrected to  protecting our children's future.


Our passion for helping others and our industry professionals by providing local and global statistical data, research and investigating new technologies for equestrian businesses and symbiotic relationships that can help leverage talent for the environment, horse & rider. Through funding grants and donations, we help these initiatives flourish.


The Agency division is one where horse owners can fulfill their equestrian dreams of horse ownership, estate and barn ownership through a screened world-class agency while the foundation protects the horses’ environment in that process.

Our Goal is to create happier, healthier, & safer horses, so the Foundation has brought together a team of experts to help navigate "a focus of change" and bring a fragmented market together, so that whatever you decide to do, we are here to protect the horses you care about today and for our environment tomorrow.


Together our Clients, Donors, and Sponsors can also make a radical change in the equestrian industry by donating to the Equine For Change & Reigning Champion causes ~ helping fund research, data, security, technology and beauty within the equestrian industry today. 

Together we can make a radical change in the equestrian industry. 

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Why Call US

We are a world class not for profit equestrian foundation for clients, donors, & industry professionals that want a new level of service. We have heart and passion for horses and the environment! 

The Foundation focuses on sustainability and repurposing equine manure waste for good. From outside paddock design and biosecurity management to technologies assisting in knowing where your manure stall residuals are going. In key regions, we work with repurposing and recycling stall residuals to create a hypoallergenic stall bedding and organic soil amendment, enhancing the environment and reducing leaching off-gassing and environmental hazards.

Education in knowing your costs for bedding and manure management, and overall operational expenditure. Know your horse, Know what it is doing, Know your operational costs. For our service providers, we create data analytics to help understand horse farms and owners of the industry.

We take monitoring a healthy horse very seriously inside the stall with video streaming and AI technologies to track and analyze your horse. To protect and heal your horse a natural OTC medication that can work better than pharmaceutical alternatives has partnered with us to assist horse and rider.

The Agency focuses on Beauty and Security. Architectural design for barns and estates uniquely designed and manufactured including new and innovative design. A barn is one thing finishing it with all the trimmings makes yours unique. We connect our clients to new possibilities.

This is our focus navigate your property build while keeping your horses safe today and into the future with research and funding and legislative change. 



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Our Approach

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to Health. Security. Education. & Beauty - within the equestrian industry.

Created from a leading group of experts in our fields. Waste management and technology. Architectural barn, estate, and paddock design. Horse Health & Saftey. Artificial Intelligence.

We support equestrian rescue, addiction, and recovery charities and environmental causes for change across North America.

Our Story

Built from a diverse group of individuals with a love for horses and perfection of our art.

We have three sectors of focus. The Foundation lobbies for governmental change and address the challenges to waste management and manure leaching and off-gassing. Our passion to help others and our industry by providing data, research and investigate new technologies for equestrians businesses while The Agency helps clients come to "one" place fulfilling their equestrian dreams while we protect the horse's environment.

Together we can make a radical change in the equestrian industry. 

Foundation Services

Architectural Design - Quinis Design

Stall Manufacturing - DLT Designs

Paddock Management- Jane Myres

Waste Management - HiPoint Agro Bedding

BioSecurity Tracking - EPR Tracking

Stall Security - Stallguard AI Video streaming

Breeding & Boarding - Raising the best horse

Horse Health - Natural 4 Life

Equine Marketing PR - Collaboration

Data Education - Analytic Insight to our industry

Funding - Grant and Financial programs


Make A Difference. Make Change. (tm)

As part of EQUINE FOR CHANGE, 1% of our service providers annual sales go back to charities chosen by our dedicated team. These charities are the equestrian rescue, addiction, and recovery charities and environmental causes for change across North Ameria. We belong to 1% for the planet.org

One Percent for the Planet is an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. Their mission is to "build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet."

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Financial Transparency

EquineForChange.org receives 5% administration fees from Agency services to pay for operational costs. Any overage goes to improve our mission to help improve the health, security, education, and beauty of our industry. Yearly audits and financials are available on request.

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