Biosecurity EPR Traceability

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Bio Security is a must-have at any Farm. Our consultants work with onsite manure management plans, CFIA Equine biosecurity protocols, and in key regions tracking of waste.

EPR Traceability is defined as reaching an environmental objective of decreasing the total environmental impact of waste. Creating tracking software solution for haulers using RFID & GPS

Weight your manure. Track your manure. Pay the right amount.

Proprietary software offers  Admin reporting & Accounting using blockchain algorithms for security to assist haulers and farm management

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EPR traceability shifts the focus from local authorities to the waste owner and the hauler [G1] (who both inadequately disposes of waste) while incentivizing them into a closes loop on pick up, disposal and recycling.  It is currently up to local government to enforce regulations. The [G2] EPR tracking solution will help enforce current licenses and hauler responsibility and offer local governments seamless visibility to hauling and waste tracking. With the future goal in mind to shift responsibility back reducing taxpayer burden.  ERP tracking goes invisibly behind the scenes, making the responsibility shift seamless, painless while creating incentives to both farmers and haulers in optimization, billing, and visibility to their businesses, especially if they are recycling as part of the process.

In a world gone mobile, local government waste authorities have lost touch on how much waste is being moved, where their waste is being taken from, and where it is going environmentally.  EPR tracking niche ourselves in waste tracking and billing[G3]  through the agricultural waste market. First verticals, equestrian used horse bedding and yard waste, due to team experience and client base.

In a world gone mobile, local government waste authorities have lost touch on how much waste is being moved, where their waste is being taken from, and where it is going?  We niche ourselves in waste tracking, and billing and our first vertical market is the animal waste bedding market primarily equestrian | used horse bedding.

We niche ourselves in waste tracking and billing using hardware and software. We do this to solve pain points:

  1. Visibility and due diligence for haulers to honor their license compliance requirements to the local authorities
  2. The environmental benefits of inadequate dumping and storing that lead to water and land leaching, aerosol drift contaminating local leafy green crops and, co2 emissions, from additional vehicle routes.
  3. Improving service offered to the community helping haulers with accurate accounting to collect money.

From a local authority perspective:

  1. Where did the manure gets picked up from and dumped too?
  2. How much manure do we have, where within the local region?
  3. What price was paid for tipping and hauling and yearly GDP?

From a hauler perspective:

  1. Accurate invoicing and billing for visibility on profit
  2. How do I optimize hauling routes to save costs
  3. How do I remain compliant with my license with my truck or fleet?

From EPR tracking SAAS perspective:

  1. Analysis of the market. Feasibility, costs, goals, ROI (de-risk project)
  2. Design and plan the best solution(s) for the customer base.
  3. Implement the project, monitor, and expand.